What Customers have been saying about us...

Somersoft is the business name for our company Somerset Financial Services which has been in operation helping people become property investors since 1989, more than 26 years now. Clearly, we must have been doing something right as evidenced our long-term commitment and by what many of our customers have said about us...

Thank you Ian for all ur support, ur generosity and advice u have given me so far. Wishing u, Jan and ur beautiful family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! I want u to know what u have provided has made and continue to make a great difference to me and how I do business. You r a special person doing the right thing by ur clients. As u give, may all good things come true for you in ten fold in 2015. You deserve it all. Once again thank you. William D., 25 Dec 2014

With the great assistance of your PIA software, I have now completed my 3rd house purchase and am completely comfortable with the numbers. Your software is to thank for that - I have passed on the forum link to it to a number of friends and work colleagues now, who are somewhat amazed at my purchases. This is of course only early days for me, but it is most comforting to be able to know essentially to the dollar the impact of my investment portfolio decisions. I have just found your interview in the forum, and enjoyed reading it very much. Your financial wisdom is so much greater and profound than any finance professor I once attentively took notes from in my university days. Indeed, your PIA software is doubtlessly the most useful piece of financial modelling software I have come across. Greg H., 7 Mar 2010

Thank you. I love everything about your company - the product, the service, the professionalism, you and Jan, the integrity, the realism, the energy... and those inspiring books... I've read them all... so glad I was introduced to your company all those years ago. I used your software to buy my first home many years ago and now I've just bought my first investment property (it's taken me a while I know but better late than never). With warm wishes and lots of joy and happiness to you and Jan Susan T., 3 Feb 2005

Thanks Ian, I must say that out of all of the software I have ever invested in.... this has to be the most useful, and best supported! I have used this for the past 10 years for various purposes, and can honestly say that the decisions I have been able to make using PIAFpu have assisted in substantially increasing my net worth in that time. Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas to you and Jan and the staff at Somersoft. Craig B., 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Ian, you guys do a great job! Jo C, 16 Nov 2003

The ability to assess portfolio is awesome....great program...very happy Darren R., 22 Nov 2002

Congratulations on developing such a great professional and yet very user-friendly software ! I could download, install and use the software up and running within a matter of just few minutes. Umesh N., 25 Aug 2002

To Jan, Ian and Jenny, just a quick note to let you know it has once again been a pleasure to deal with Somerset. I really appreciate your prompt and efficient response to my request for update software. Many thanks. Craig B., 26 June 2002

As always, excellent service and excellent products. Thanks so much! Noel H., 13 June 2002

By the way, I have found your PIA program very easy to use and think that the layout and application organisation is excellent! I am most impressed and amazed at how easy it is to do a complete property analysis without over complicating the whole process. Dave E, 31 May, 2002

The PIAPro software is incredible, so easy to use and understand even a novice can understand it. Very well setup for presentation of properties to clients, more then we expected. Congratulation on an incredible product, I wish we had known about this two years ago.! Dragan M., 28 Aug 2001

I wish to personally thank you Jan for the inspiration you have provided in your books. We recently purchased our first investment property, with my intention being to follow your principles rigorously as we build our portfolio. Your books are without doubt the most sensible, down-to-earth and well researched books I have ever read on property investment - of which there are many ! I think your books are quite simply brilliant and have recommended them enthusiastically to many of my friends. Bill T, 12 Aug 1997

I was very pleased to get the disc as I put the purchase of our current property on hold until I could check the figures with PIA. I find this the most valuable tool I have ever invested in. Thank you again, Keep up the good work. Stephen, 31 Apr 1997