PIAPro vs PIAFpu

Comparative Features

Comparison of the features of the PIA Professional (PIAPro) and PIA Investor (PIAFpu) Versions of the software. The two programs are functionally very similar. The main points of difference are in relation to the licensing and the format of reports:

  • PIAPro has a multi-user site license and can be registered in a company name whereas PIAFpu is for a single user, personal use only.
  • PIAPro has client-related formatting of reports (company logo, client fields and professional disclaimers).
Features PIAPro PIAFpu
Investment Analysis Spreadsheet
Cash flow projections (up to 40 years)
Internal rate of return (IRR)
Tax credits specific to an investor, SMSF or company
After-tax cost (or income) per week
Investment capacity
Portfolio analysis
Customised report
Investment Analysis report (5 pp)
Cash flow analysis report (4 pp)
Descriptive Investment Analysis report (5 pp)
Capital Gains Tax report (2 pp)
Home loan report (2 pp)
Wealth Builder report (3 pp)
Linked loan report (8 pp)
Home Loan Analysis Spreadsheet
Analysis of mortgage reduction options
Linked Loan Analysis Spreadsheet
Analysis of cash flow diversion options between home and investment loans
Wealth Builder Spreadsheet
Interactive means of building a portfolio of properties (up to 40 years) at a rate specific to the investor
Graphic charts
(e.g. Who pays?, Value v Debt, Cash flows, Bank comparison, etc)
Suite of property-related calculators
(e.g. land tax, loan eligibility, capital gains tax liability, capital growth, retirement goals, etc)
Site license
Single user license, personal use only
Client-related features
Direct saving & emailing of reports (pdf format)
Professional disclaimers & client fields in reports
Optional separation of client, property and finance data
Quick-start guide (hard copy 48 pp)
Users Guide (electronic copy 150 pp)