Useful Resources

PIA Quick Start Guide

This Quick-Start Guide is designed to help first-time users get started with PIA. It assumes that you are acquainted with the basic concepts of your computer and the Windows user interface. To ensure a smooth start, the book guides you through installing your software, starting it, and entering your first set of data. You can either enter the data shown in the example in this guide (treating the whole description as a tutorial) or enter your own data.

PIA Users Guide

The PIA User Guide documents the fully featured versions of the PIA, including spreadsheets for home loan analysis, linked loans analysis, and a wealth builder for interactively building a property portfolio over a number of years. PIA's extensive graphics, suite of property and finance calculators, and the wide array of report options are also documented

Rental Properties

This booklet is published by the Australian Taxation Office to help Australian property investors understand the tax laws in relation to owning a rental investment property. The ATO web site is the definitive source of tax advice in relation to property investment in Australia. This is one of many free publications available from their site.

Rental Income

This guide explains the tax rules for people who own rental property in New Zealand. The NZ IRD web site recommends this booklet for people who own one or two rental properties only. If you have several rental properties or are a commercial operator they recommend that you use a tax advisor or an accountant.